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Get in touch with the New Jersey Division

The members listed below help make the NJ Division operate successfully. It is the efforts of these individuals, along with others we probably forgot to mention, which allow the NJ Division to successfully meet its goals and purpose. A big thanks to all the members that help out the Division in some way.

If you have any questions, comments or matters to discuss, feel free to e-mail any of the these individuals. Or if you prefer, you may write to the NJ Division at the address to the left.

New Jersey Division Board of Directors 2017-2018

  • Superintendent: Bill Grosse, Jr.
  • Assistant Superintendent / Clinics: John Gallagher
  • Secretary: Tom Lavin
  • Treasurer: Mike Prokop
  • Director / Communications, Member Contact: Geert Marien
  • Director / Layout Coordinator: Chuck Higdon
  • Director / Contests: Jack Menaker

NMRA Achievement Program

The New Jersey Division is very active in the NMRA's Achievement Program. Check out the number of members who have received awards on our AP Program page.

For help and assistance here in the NJ Division:
  • Division AP Chair: PJ Mattson, MMR
  • Division Assistant AP Chair: Ron Baile, MMR

NJ Division Helper Service

The following members assist the Division in the capacity listed.
  • Train Orders Newsletter Editor: Fritz Plenefisch
  • Web Site: Mike McNamara
  • Refreshment Chairman: Mike Underwood
  • Photographer: Mike Rossi
  • Video Librarian: Bill Howard
  • Division Bookstore: Mike Prokop
  • Contest Chairman: Jack Menaker
  • Door Prizes, Raffle: Mike Prokop
  • Free-mo Modules: Mike McNamara, Bill Grosse, Mike Prokop

E-mail Addresses

Below are the e-mail addresses for some of the people listed above. In an effort to cut down on e-mail spam, direct links are not provided. Instead, copy the text into your e-mail program and replace at with the @ sign and dot with a period.
Bill Grosse - w.grosse.jr at optimum dot net
Fritz Plenefisch - fplen3 at verizon dot net
Tom Lavin - westvall at comcast dot net
John Gallagher - johnVgallagher39 at gmail dot com
Chuck Higdon - vze5crrw1 at verizon dot net
Geert Marien - geert at mindspring dot com
Mike Prokop - njwrr at aol dot com
Jack Menaker - jackmenaker at yahoo dot com
PJ Mattson - pj_mattson at comcast dot net
Mike McNamara - mikemcnh at comcast dot net
Ron Baile - rbaile at verizon dot net
Bill Howard - triangler at aol dot com (Bill also provided his phone#, 609-658-1486)
Bob Clegg - bobcatcs at comcast dot net

NJ Division Bylaws

The bylaws governing the NJ Division are occasionally updated when the need arises.
For a look at the current by-laws,
Click Here.
NJ Division E-mail:
njdivnmra at comcast dot net

Yahoo Group

New Jersey Free-mo (modular layout group)
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